2003 Results

National Endurance Series - National Challenge Series - Sportsman Series

National Endurance Series

Jennings GP 3/29/03

Carolina Motorsports Park 4/12/03

Nashville Superspeedway 5/9/03

Cycle Jam at Virignia International Raceway 5/23/03

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway 6/21/02

Grattan Raceway Park 7/19/03

Summit Point Raceway 8/2/03

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit 8/30/03

Barber Motorsports Park 9/13/03

WERA Grand National Finals 10/31/03


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National Challenge Series Results:

Jennings GP 3/30/03

Carolina Motorsports Park 4/13/03

Nashville Superspeedway 5/11/03

Cycle Jam at Virignia International Raceway 5/25/03

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway 6/22/03

Grattan Raceway Park 7/20/03

Summit Point Raceway 8/3/03

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit 8/31/03

Barber Motorsports Park 9/14/03

WERA GNF and Suzuki Cup Finals 11/2/03


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Sportsman Series Results:

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway 2/9/03

No Problem Raceway 2/16/03

Virignia International Raceway 3/16/03

Roebling Road Raceway 3/23/03

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit 4/6/03

Texas World Speedway 4/20/03

Summit Point Raceway 4/20/03

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway 4/27/03

Putnam Park Road Course 5/4/03

Nashville Superspeedway 5/11/03

Grattan Raceway 5/18/03

Cycle Jam at VIR 5/25/03

Jennings GP 6/1/03

Putnam Park Road Course 6/1/03

Roebling Road Raceway 6/8/03

Summit Point Raceway 6/8/03

Nelson Ledges Road Course 6/22/03

Barber Motorsports Park 6/29/03

Road Atlanta 7/6/03

Jennings GP 7/13/03

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course 7/24/03 (Note all classes are listed using WERA class names for contingency purposes)

Carolina Motorsports Park 7/27/03

Roebling Road Raceway 8/3/03

Putnam Park Road Course 8/10/03

Talladega Gran Prix Raceway 8/24/03

Virginia International Raceway 8/24/03

Grattan Raceway Park 8/24/03

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit 8/31/03 (Sportsman only classes, all others are listed in the National Challenge Series Results)

Carolina Motorsport Park 9/7/03

Summit Point Raceway 9/21/03

Nelson Ledges Road Course 9/28/03

Jennings GP 10/5/03

Nashville Superspeedway 10/12/03

2003 WERA Grand National Finals 11/1/03

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