Our 2016 Schedule is up and we are looking forward to seeing you at a WERA event in 2016!


Some things that are new in 2016 – WERA has formed a partnership with HMG (Historic Motorcycle Group) which will bring some history back to the WERA Paddock at four of our Southern Region events.  The riders and machines that are a part of this group for the most part raced with WERA when they started their careers and they will be back in the WERA paddock this year bringing with them some rich history.


WERA will be posting a purse at five of the Pirelli/WERA National Challenge Series Rounds in the Pro 600cc Superbike Class.  It will be available at Roebling Road 3/20; Cycle Jam at Road Atlanta 6/19; VIR – 8/7; Grattan Raceway – 8/28 and NOLA 9/25.  The purse will be paid $350.00 to first place; $250.00 for second place; $150.00 for third place if there are 15 entries on the grid.  The purse will roll to the next event if there are less than 15 riders on the grid.  In the event there are 20 or more on the grid the purse will pay to fourth place – $75.00; 25 riders on the grid the purse will pay to fifth place – $50.00, 30 or more on the grid the purse will pay to sixth – $25.00.  The class is open to any WERA Expert Licensed racer and will run under the WERA 600cc Superbike rules.


We have changed our Regions to make it easier for our riders to take on a Region where they can go for Championships and build their resume.  The NOLA Region is now part of our Mid-Central and National Challenge Region and our new Atlantic Coastal Region is set up so our East Coast riders can go up and down the coast to some awesome tracks and visit Road Atlanta which is not too far inland and offers some of the most exciting racing on the circuit.  Our Northcentral Region Riders now have VIR and Road Atlanta in their mix which was a request we received from many of our riders – they will also have the opportunity to ride the full course at PIRC thanks to our partnership with N2 for the weekend there in July!


For 2016 Slick Tires are allowed in all classes!


WERA will no longer offer transponders for sale.  For any rider who collected 10 rental sheets we will offer a program that will give you ten free rentals but we offer you to purchase a transponder.  You can find them on e-Bay, Craigslist, the WERA Classifieds and if you have an AMA membership, which you will need at the WERA National Challenge Series again in 2016, you can buy directly from MYLaps/AMB and get a 20% discount.


We have seen costs increase for trackside services in 2016 – our corner worker costs have increased as have the medical unit stand-by costs.  To help defray these increased costs we will have our entry fees set at $100.00 for the first entry and $80.00 for each additional entry regardless of the event being a combined Sportsman National event or a stand alone Sportsman or National. We will add $5.00 to your first post entry class at the track.  The transponder rental cost will remain at $60.00 for two or more days and $30.00 for one day.  Our license cost will remain at $125.00 for renewals and past members.  If you are coming to WERA for the first time we offer a $50.00 discount which takes the 12 month cost to only $75.00 this one time!  Our Rider’s Schools will be $80.00 for a new student $100.00 for a returning student.


You may see an increase in gate fees at some facilities in 2016 – $30.00 for 3 day events; $25.00 for Sat/Sun and then $20.00 for Sunday only – this spreads some of the expenses across riders and spectators but will help defray some of the increased expenses for 2016.


There is more great news on the horizon for the riders of WERA Motorcycle Roadracing and we urge you to check on our web site: wera.com to keep current on new items of interest to you!  We look forward to an awesome 2016 and look forward to having you at our events in 2016!

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