Pre Entry Instructions

For AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Instructions please click here - VMD Instructions

Please print legibly and complete the pre-entry form in its entirety. If the form is not legible or complete it will be returned.

Pay close attention to the following:
Track (complete the name of the track)
Date (use exact event date, i.e. 1/1-2/22)
Comp# (indicate your assigned # here)

Transponder# (indicate your transponder number here)

Membership information: Your membership must be current thru the event date to pre-enter.
1) Complete the Bike #, Status, ID# and expiration date in the upper right hand corner of the entry form. (This information will be verified upon receipt) If not accurate your entry will be returned.

General information:
1) Complete name, address and phone # (remember to print legibly)
2) Complete Sponsor(s) information. This information will be released with the results to the media.
3) Emergency contact information must be available. If the emergency contact will be at the track indicate that by using @track where a phone number is required.

Entering classes:
1) To enter a class, print the brand and displacement (i.e. Kaw 600, Suz 750) in the column marked Brand/cc next to the class you wish to enter.
Keep in mind the class you enter will be the class you run. If your machine is not eligible for the class you entered, your entry will be returned (i.e. Kaw 600 in D Superbike).

Click here - Fees

Method of payment:
1) WERA accepts Money Order, Checks, American Express, Discover, Master Card or Visa (paid in US funds).
All checks must be accompanied with a valid state drivers license number or valid state ID number. Bounced checks will result in a fee being charged to the rider with check writing privileges being suspended for that rider. Checks will only be accepted from the rider.
When using a credit card complete the card number, expiration date and cardholders name.

Mail Entries:
1) Complete credit card information or enclose check or money order for the full amount and mail or overnight to:

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc.
2555 Marietta Hwy. #104
Canton, GA 30114

Fax Entries:
You may fax your pre-entry if you use the following process:

1) Fax entries are for credit card users ONLY
2) Fax your completed entry form with credit card information to 770-720-5015
3) You may confirm receipt of the entry by calling 770-720-5010.

Pre-entries must be postmarked no less than 15 business days prior to the first day of the event. Fax entries must be received no less than 10 business days prior to the first day of the event. No exceptions. All entries received after the closing date will be returned.

Event Day:
All participants MUST report to Registration. If you have pre-entered you MUST report to registration and pick up your receipt and tech forms to complete the registration process.

Cancellation Notice:
If you pre-enter an event and are unable to attend you will be issued a refund/credit for that events entry fees less a $20.00 handling fee. The complete refund/credit policy is listed in the rulebook.

Online Registration

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